The low inventory first in first out diehead utilizes spiral flow technology in its design to minimize knit lines and speed color changes. The diehead originally designed for the production of Polycarbonate parts has proven to excel for all engineering and commodity grade resins.

The clamp is designed with four tie bars and is supported on hardened and ground rods ensuring positive mold registration. Opening and closing synchronization is controlled by a rack and pinion arrangement eliminating mold drift. Two cantilevered clamp configurations are offered. The standard clamp configuration allows for typical blow and drop production of parts while the inverted clamp (IC) allows for in machine oriented part takeout. Both designs allow for a range of blow configurations, top blow through the head, bottom blow, and bottom blow with spreader function are available. The clamp has also been designed for high speed opening and closing allowing for faster cycles and minimum parison sag.

Hydraulic Power:
Dual load sensing variable displacement pumps allow for independent functioning of the clamp and plasticizing unit with maximum efficiency. Clamp speed, screw recovery, and parison drop rate are controlled by electrically modulated proportional valves. Functions for extruder retract and screw pushout for screw removal are also available. The extruder retract function allows for total access to the clamp area from either the top or bottom making for easy mold removal.

The standard control configuration is based upon the Allen Bradley family of microprocessors. The operator control station is conveniently located near the clamp area allowing for easy process adjustments.
Moog G25 parison programmers are provided as standard parison control while a 200 point model closed loop model is also available.



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